Principles of Macroeconomics Package, 8 Canadian Ed

Principles of Macroeconomics Package, 8 Canadian Ed

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Principles of Macroeconomics, 8th Canadian Edition, is designed to appeal to all students through its breakdown of concepts, focus on big ideas, and student-friendly language. As the market leader its clear, concise and consistent approach grounds students in difficult concepts and links theory to real-world applications, assisting in making the connection from page to action. Students receive a sophisticated understanding of how the economy operates without losing the big ideas. Through various pedagogical features that summarize major concepts and applying economic theory to students’ experiences and lives, this new edition helps students develop the building blocks required to achieve higher levels of understanding. Features Case Studies apply economic theory to actual events and policies to ensure students achieve full understanding. “In the News” features excerpts from many Canadian and international news articles, including opinion columns written by prominent economists, to show how basic economic theory can be applied with greater understanding. “FYI” features provide additional material “for your information”. Some offer a glimpse into the history of economic thought. Others clarify technical issues or discuss supplementary topics. Quick Quizzes are included after each major section in the text for students to check their comprehension. If students cannot readily answer these quizzes, they should stop and reread the material before continuing. Questions for Review are included at the end of each chapter and cover the chapter’s primary lessons. Quick Check Multiple Choice are end-of-chapter questions in multiple-choice format. Problems and Applications ask students to apply the material they have learned. Some instructors may use these questions for homework assignments or introduce them as a starting point for classroom discussion.

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