Understanding Abnormal Child Psychology, 4E
John Wiley

Understanding Abnormal Child Psychology, 4E

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In Understanding Abnormal Child Psychology, students will learn about both normative and abnormal development throughout children’s lives. Consistent with previous editions, several themes run throughout the book:  

  • Developmental psychopathology: Children's and adolescents' behaviors are on a continuum (from very adaptive to very maladaptive), with only the very severe ends of the spectrum being conceptualized as disorders.
  • Diversity, inclusion, and understanding: Special attention is given to issues of race/ethnicity, gender, family constellation, religious orientation, primary language, socioeconomic status, and physical differences to help students see the commonalities and differences of abnormal child behavior within a cross-cultural and international context.

New to the 4th edition

  • Completely revised in both structure and content to reflect the DSM-5
  • Increase coverage of risk factors related to long-term effects of sexual abuse and bullying.
  • Increased coverage of diversity to include new "diversities" that have emerged as important, i.e. transgender children
  • New research on suicide and suicide prevention

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